Team Development

Our team development consultancy services and workshops focus on encouraging more effective team working. We work with you to identify your needs and respond with the right approach for you and your team.

Our Services

Team Diagnostics and Consultancy

We can use team diagnostics to give you important feedback on how well the team is working, how well it is being led and the level of satisfaction, motivation and morale of the team. We can then work with you to find ways to ehnace your team’s effectiveness.

Team Development Workshops and Interventions

These in-company workshops/interventions will vary considerably according to need. For instance, a workshop could focus on building a robust team or exploring team composition and individual member’s unique contribution using a tool such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator? Alternatively, we could use the principles of appreciative inquiry to surface the team’s strengths, create a vision for the future and plan a strategy for developmentand more effective team working.

Team Conflict Resolution

To paraphrase Tolstoy, all happy teams are alike but an unhappy team is unhappy after their own fashion. As conflict in teams can take many forms, our approach will differ according to the situation. It may be possible to resolve the conflict in various ways. For instance, by surfacing issues in a team workshop and inviting the team to problem solve or, if appropriate, by using team mediation. Whatever the situation, we will work with you to find the right approach to help you through the conflict.

Jane and her associates offer coaching to people at all levels of an organisation.

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In addition to in-company work, we periodically run open workshops in the area of leadership, management and personal skills development.

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Engine Room collaborates with fellow learning and development professionals and other consultancies to help meet the needs of clients.

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