People Development

Our aim at Engine Room is to inspire, energise, encourage people to take action and achieve lasting change. Our personal development training and performance coaching services are designed to help people increase their self awareness, improve their working relationships and create a more positive impact at work.

Our Services

Our experienced and qualified consultants can design and run in-company workshops and training programmes in a range of areas. All our programmes are bespoke and tailored to each client’s specific needs. Below are some examples of the kind of workshops or programmes we can run for clients.

Influencing Skills and Strategies

Influencing others, encouraging others to do willingly what we would like them to do, is a valuable skill. In our influencing programmes, we help participants understand how we influence others, assess their levels of influence in different situations, offer guidance on what they can do to increase their ability to influence and provide the opportunity to practice and receive feedback in realistic situations.

Self Awareness and Understanding Others

Using tools such as the Strength Deployment Inventory?or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator? we can help people develop a greater level of self awareness, discover more about what is important to other people and appreciate the difference between themselves and others.

Managing Relationships and Interpersonal Conflict

Managing difficult relationships with others at work can sap energy and distract our attention. Within the context of a workshop or training programmef we can focus on attitudes and approaches to conflict handling and help people to learn to manage difficult interpersonal challenges more effectively.

As well as the above, we also offer in-company training and development in areas such as creating a positive impact, communicating assertively, using creativity at work and presentation skills.

Jane and her associates offer coaching to people at all levels of an organisation.

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In addition to in-company work, we periodically run open workshops in the area of leadership, management and personal skills development.

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Engine Room collaborates with fellow learning and development professionals and other consultancies to help meet the needs of clients.

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