Developing Organisations

The team at Engine Room is committed to helping organisations develop and improve. To this end, we offer consultancy services and organisational development interventions which will make a real difference to our clients. Our main focus is on designing tailored solutions to help organisations travel in the right direction and navigate their way through change.

Our Services

Our interventions will vary according to the needs of the organisation. Below are examples of some of the services we can offer:

Change Management

Our experience of change management has involved supporting planned initiatives via change management workshops, training and development and giving guidance on managing and coping with change. Via workshops, coaching and organisational consultancy we can help people develop the knowledge, attitude and skills they need to manage planned organisational change.

Visioning and Strategy Workshops

Using appreciative inquiry principles to guide us, we can help senior teams recognise their organisational or team strengths, visualise a desired future and plan a strategy for further improvement.

Action Learning Sets

Action learning sets are a positive and effective way of developing your organisation and your people by addressing set members’ personal and organisational challenges and issues. Within our team of associates, we have a number of experienced people who are able to facilitate action learning sets.

Jane and her associates offer coaching to people at all levels of an organisation.

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In addition to in-company work, we periodically run open workshops in the area of leadership, management and personal skills development.

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Engine Room collaborates with fellow learning and development professionals and other consultancies to help meet the needs of clients.

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