About us

Jane Setten

Jane Setten is the founder and Managing Director of Engine Room and a respected learning and development professional with many years of valuable experience in the field.

Jane works with clients as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach in the areas of team development, organisational change, leadership, management development and behavioral skills. She is CIPD qualified, holds a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour and is working towards a PhD in Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck College.

The Associate Team

Jane works with a team of trusted associates who are available to help her deliver services to clients when required. The team includes:

Jo Hockley

Jo’s background is in HR and people development. As a consultant and facilitator for Engine Room, she focuses on change management, management development, performance management and skills training.

Jo is CIPD qualified, has a Masters in Business Administration and is a trained counsellor

Sue Carruthers

Sue is a chartered accountant who subsequently moved into organisational and people development. She principally focuses on organisational consultancy, change management, leadership, management development and personal skills training.

Lorenza Clifford

An experienced coach and learning and development specialist with a background in business psychology and HR consultancy; she helps provide leadership development and coaching to our clients.

Lorenza is a member of the Association of Coaching and holds a Masters in Occupational Psychology.

Jan Hennesey

Jan is a learning and development specialist and experienced coach. Jan specialises in team development, management development, skills training and one to one coaching.